Faith Community Nurse/Health Ministry Subscription

$0.00 / year and a $100.00 sign-up fee





The role of Faith Community Nurses (FCN) and Health Ministers are essential to our communities as integrators of faith and health, health educators and advocates, and referral agents and liaisons to community resources to families during important life transitions.

When you subscribe to our Faith Community Nurse/Health Ministers membership, you are strengthening your health ministry to families, caregivers and the communities you serve. As part of your membership, you will receive:

  • Access to all of the content and resources you need via an online member portal
  • All of the materials and presentation content to deliver a 2-hour, fully scripted workshop: Calm Within the Chaos: Tools for Reducing Stress and Finding Balance
  • Extensive library of content and resources to support newsletters, individual and family counseling
  • Promotional communications materials and Engagement resources
  • FCN/Health Ministry support network consisting of:
    • Private online group
    • Live quarterly webinars
    • Annual mini-retreat to Nourish the FCN/Health Minister’s soul
    • Online resources sharing platform

The FCN/Health Minister’s membership is an annual subscription, renewing each year with additional content and resources designed to support the important ministry of the faith community nurse and all those in health ministry.